Sustainable development

Sustainable development

Our customers choose us for the most reliable, efficient and timely service but we do not stop there. We are constantly committed to the environment and its future as part of our job.

Our intermodal railway terminal is completely energy self-sufficient thanks our 1-megawatt rooftop photovoltaic system.

We are committed to directly receiving as much freight as possible by rail, thus limiting road traffic and allowing us to transport large quantities of goods with a far lower environmental footprint.

Our drivers have received specialised training on ecological and efficient driving styles and our fleet is constantly upgraded in order to lower fuel consumption and reduce emissions. We track the routes covered by our vehicles in real time in order to avoid inefficiency. Heavy haulage vehicles can carry the equivalent of three ordinary articulated lorries, and can contribute to reducing the amount of traffic on the road.

Our location near the Mantova-Valdaro river port is our bet on the future: the development of inland waterway traffic between northern Italy and the Adriatic Sea has greatly untapped potential while being increasingly attractive in terms of environmentally friendly development.