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Established in 1976, TCF Rosignoli Logistics specializes in heavy haulage, focusing primarily on railway carriages and steel products, and evolving to handle a diverse range of goods. With an innovative vision at its core, the company swiftly rose to prominence in the heavy haulage sector, driven by a dedication to operational excellence and attentive customer service.

The construction of an intermodal terminal was a game-changer for the company’s service offerings, and the installation of solar panels underscored its commitment to reducing environmental impact and embracing renewable energy. 

The company’s consistent growth led to an expansion of its service range. Beyond its mainstay transport and logistics operations, TCF now offers storage services for containers and tank containers carrying ADR-RID products, as well as tank cleaning and transshipment services for ADR-RID goods.

This strategic diversification has enabled TCF Rosignoli Logistics to deliver comprehensive and tailored solutions to its clients, meeting the market’s specific needs.

Here are the key milestones in the history of TCF Rosignoli Logistics:
  • 1976: TCF (Trasporto Carri Ferroviari) was founded to provide freight wagon transfer services.
  • 1990: The Rosignoli family took over the company, focusing on terminal operations for freight wagons at railway yards.
  • 2000: We registered our first fleet of specialized transport vehicles for hauling steel products, with a focus on coils
  • 2009: The groundwork for the Mantova Valdaro intermodal terminal was laid, marking the start of its construction.
  • 2010: Our new terminal was equipped with a 1 Megawatt solar panel system, highlighting our commitment to renewable energy.
  • 2012: The Mantova Valdaro terminal welcomed its first intermodal train loaded with ADR-RID products, marking the launch of its railway operations.
  • 2014: We began offering a tank cleaning service for containers that previously carried liquid ADR-RID products.
  • 2018: We started transshipment operations for ADR-RID products.
  • 2019: TCF became an international hub for Chemoil (SBB Group) for widespread railway traffic.
  • 2019: We introduced a storage service for tank containers designed for ADR-RID products.
  • 2021: The customs warehouse for chemical and steel products started operations.
  • 2021: We launched ongoing railway terminal services tailored for the steel industry’s needs.
  • 2023: We completed a significant railway upgrade by adding 3 new tracks and extending the existing 2, creating a total of 3km of track.
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