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Sustainable development

Sustainable development
Our pledge to deliver the finest service goes beyond just being reliable, efficient, and quick. It’s also about our responsibility to the environment and its future.

Our intermodal rail terminal stands as a model of energy independence, powered entirely by a 1.5 Megawatt solar panel system atop our storage facility.

We’re committed to maximizing rail freight, which helps cut down on road traffic and moves large volumes of goods with far less energy than road transport.

Our drivers are regularly trained in eco-friendly and efficient driving techniques, and we’re always upgrading our fleet to lower fuel consumption and emissions. The routes of our vehicles are tracked and optimized in real time to avoid any waste. Our specialized vehicles help ease road congestion by carrying the load of three regular trucks.

Positioned near the Mantova Valdaro river port, we’re investing in the future. The growth of river traffic from Northern Italy to the Adriatic is an untapped opportunity that promises a greener way forward.

Lastly, our strategically placed headquarters near the Mantova Nord motorway exit boosts our road transport management. This prime location not only eases access to major routes but also enhances the efficiency of our transports, ensuring swift and smooth deliveries.
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