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Storage and lifting

Our covered warehouse area can accommodate a wide variety of goods, whether on the ground or on pallets, and manage their logistics effectively.

Our indoor storage space is vast, extending over 11,000 square meters, and it is equipped to handle even large-sized steel products. It’s outfitted with dedicated systems for the secure, intensive storage of coils.

Rails within the warehouse facilitate the sheltered loading and unloading of wagons. Our meticulous labeling process guarantees efficient product management, providing clients with real-time inventory updates.

The lifting of steel coils and other steel products is carried out by a double overhead crane with a 45-tonne capacity, enabling the safe lifting and movement of goods from wagons or stacks. Our expertise guarantees the safe movement of heavy steel items.

The entire area, both covered and open, is under constant video surveillance, ensuring the utmost security for all stored goods.
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