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Ecodrive driving courses


Ecodrive driving courses
The third cycle of Ecodrive courses has been a hit, reinforcing our dedication to the continuous professional development of TCF drivers. These courses, with their emphasis on both safety and sustainability, are a cornerstone of our commitment to professional growth.

Led by experts trained at the vehicle manufacturers themselves, the Ecodrive courses blend classroom theory with hands-on, practical road experience.

The philosophy behind the Ecodrive courses is all about driving safely, economically, and with an eye on the environment. The main aim is to cut down on road mishaps and boost vehicle efficiency. These courses are therefore essential for reducing fuel consumption and emissions, making a significant impact on the eco-friendliness of our logistics operations.

Drivers who’ve been through the Ecodrive courses come out better prepared to tackle the challenges of the road in a way that’s safe, responsible, and green, helping TCF Rosignoli Logistics maintain high professional standards in the transport industry.
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