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Our new electric shunter


Our new electric shunter

The new Zephir electric shunter is now in use, a special vehicle that allows for easy execution of all railway maneuvers and train movements within our railway terminal. Equipped with advanced technology, the Zephir electric shunter is designed to easily perform complex railway maneuvers, allowing smooth and safe access to the tracks. Its extraordinary ability to traverse the tracks transversely enables rapid and agile movements, facilitating entry and exit from the tracks with remarkable flexibility.

A fundamental aspect of our commitment to environmental sustainability is the complete electrification of the shunter, powered exclusively by energy produced by our solar power system. Thanks to this eco-friendly technology, the vehicle guarantees zero direct emissions, actively contributing to the reduction of environmental impact and demonstrating our commitment to a more sustainable future in the field of transport and goods movement.

With the introduction of the Zephir electric shunter, we’re taking a significant step towards enhancing our railway terminal operations. Our focus is on delivering a service that’s not only efficient and safe but also kind to the environment. This commitment is part of our ongoing effort to set new benchmarks in operational excellence.

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